Escher for Nuke is a suite of image generators and 2.5D creative tools designed for Nuke compositors who are looking for tools to explore the creative possibilities stashed between 2D and 3D. Spherical Harmonics lighting tools, Depth-based Ambient Occlusion, Advanced glossy shader and powerful 2.5D data processing nodes of Escher enable creative 3D image making in a different way while taking full advantage of the organic nature of 2D image processing and manipulation. Escher's powerful real-time image generator nodes SkyWalker and Caustix are perfect light sources for image based lighting workflow.

Escher relies on 2.5D images input, both depth images (or gray-scale images) and 3D normal map images are regarded as 2.5D images to Escher. Depth image is interpreted by Escher as the distance of each pixel from the camera, so it essentially contains information more than just a plain 2D image. Normal map image provides the normal vector direction of each pixel which is good enough for shading purpose.

Escher 1.0 for Nuke overview video (Full-screen recommended)

Escher 1.0 for Nuke plug-ins list

please visit video page for individual plug-ins overview

Image Generators

caustix animated rippling caustics generator
skyWalker daylight generator (mirror ball, angular, latlong & pinhole camera outputs)

Technical Operators

depthOp depth/gray-scale image data processing node
normalOp normal vector data processing node
aaOp morphological anti-aliasing node
SHOp Spherical Harmonics processing node

2.5D Shaders

SHader SH-based lambert/phong shader
glossy glossy shader with importance sampling and pre-filtered samples
depthTrooper image-space Ambient Occlusion shader
depthVader multi-purpose 2.5D shader (gradient blur, depth gradient and depth samplers)

Escher 1.0.1 for Nuke is available for Nuke 6.3v3+ and Nuke 7.0v4+ on Windows 7, CentOS 5.X and Mac OSX
( supports 64-bit platforms only )

For evaluation request, please email: