Resonance for Nuke is a high performance image generator designed for look dev and abstract effects purposes. Based on a fully vectorized caustics rendering engine and multiple intuitive user-directed wave emitters, Resonance allows designers to create sophisticated organic visuals quickly. There is no interframe dependency of Resonance rendering, users are always free to scrub through the timeline for maximum interactive creative design freedom.

Resonance 1.0 for Nuke overview video (Full-screen recommended)

Resonance 1.0 features

caustics rendering keyframeable refractive index and depth, fully multi-threaded and vectorized rendering engine
intuitive controls carefully designed HUD controls allow easy control of essential parameters of each emitter
emitter control keyframeable position and flexible orbit feature which allows emitter to move around its base position (e.g. easy for creating spiral movement)
wave components each emitter can produce mixed radial-planar and spiral wave patterns with keyframeable weight control
wave parameters amplitude, frequency, freq. fall-off, phase, local timebase
noise components each emitter has its own multi-octave noise generator and standalone timebase control
post processing powerful high-performance edge-preserving filter

Resonance 1.0 is available for Nuke 7.0v8+ and Nuke 8.0v1+ on Windows 7 and Mac OSX
( supports 64-bit platforms only )

For evaluation request, please email: